"Prince's Bane" Synopsis

A synopsis of my book, "The Prince's Bane"

Megan Eisentraut

2/19/20241 min read

"The Prince's Bane" is a YA fantasy novel about Harlen Agori, heir to the throne of Besileus. After his home was bombed, he was forced to flee the country. He thought that after his parents were killed, he wouldn't ever have to worry about living a life of royalty again.

Now, over a decade later, the same country that conquered his own has set their sights on another: the home of old allies who were once like family to him. Their Queen, Leveah, grew up with Harlen. Like the rest of the world, she believes him to be dead. When it's discovered that he's alive, Leveah sets out to bring him back.

Terrified for her country, Leveah believes that a political alliance through marriage will help them overthrow Besileus. Only when they have both armies will they be able to defeat the enemy that is determined to make an empire out of their once peaceful world.

While dealing with struggles at court, Harlen has to battle an impending war, assassins, betrayals, and a long lost love that threatens to destroy everything he's trying to achieve.